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About the Project

New Resources for Citizenship and Rule of Law Teaching

The Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law is running an innovative citizenship-teaching project.The project provides schools with resources (print-based and audio-visual) including lesson plans, case studies and examples that engage students with topical, curriculum-relevant issues where democracy, justice, and rights arise in different contexts such as immigration, criminal justice, cultural and religious diversity, rights to a fair trial, equality before the law, the abuse of power, and human rights.

Benefits for schools include:

  • A programme directly geared towards enhancing student understanding of the KS3 and KS4 citizenship curriculum and expert support from Bingham Centre staff to facilitate citizenship teaching
  • Activities to develop specific functional skills and personal learning and thinking skills in line with the national curriculum , such as effective oral communication skills, advocacy, critical thinking, reflective learning and team-work
  • An evaluation of student learning outcomes, including teacher feedback.
  • Directly relevant to the law and justice content of the KS3 and KS4 citizenship curriculum and the new requirements to teach fundamental British values as part of SMSC, This complementary and innovative course of study provides a vehicle for understanding law, democracy, rights and responsibilities in the UK and abroad..

The resources comprise six to eight sessions that can be delivered over a time period of the school's choice. Each session will introduce a different right, responsibility or element of democracy and justice through a rule of law lens, designed to enhance student understanding of the law and justice content of the KS3/KS4 citizenship curriculum.

The resources include:

  • Full sets of materials for students accompanied by an introduction to the material for the teacher and explanatory teaching notes
  • An outline of learning objectives and expected outcomes
  • Worksheets and suggestions for discussion and delivery
  • Activities to develop specific transferable curriculum key-skills such as communication, advocacy, critical thinking and team-work
  • A targeted discussion exercise and news relevant case study
  • A cross-ability task suitable for class or homework
  • A DVD containing presentations, videos, audio clips and slideshows

Our resources have received the Quality Mark of the Association for Citizenship Teaching the national subject association representing citizenship teachers and stakeholders. The award is given to resources that meet ACT's criteria on effective citizenship education, considering elements including curriculum relevance, breadth and depth of content and variety of teaching and learning methods.