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The Rule of Law in Development and Transitional Societies

Transitional societies can present a challenge in respect of finding ways in which the law can be used to overcome legacies of conflict and authoritarian rule. The Centre's work in these areas includes a focus on finding a place for the rule of law in the UN post-2015 development agenda, assessing its relevance to foreign direct investment, considering how new constitutions can foster the rule of law and how transitional processes can be used to address a past in which the rule of law and human rights were not respected.

Current Projects

Conflict resolution, peace and constitutional development in the MENA region

Developing an Administrative Law Guide for Kenyan Public Servants

Global Rule of Law Exchange

Judges After Transitions: Achieving Legitimacy Within the Rule of Law

Past Projects

Corporate Decision Making in Foreign Direct Investment

African Regional and Sub-Regional Courts in Setting Standards for the Rule of Law in Domestic Jurisdictions in Africa

The Rule of Law in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Capacity Building in the Criminal Justice Institutions in the OPTs (West Bank)

International Access to Justice 2015: Legal Aid in Criminal Cases and Redress for Victims of Violence

Bahrain Advisory and Training Programme

Constitutional Options For Libya

India and the Post-2015 Agenda

Measuring policy on Access to Justice and Taxation

Proceedings of 2014 Singapore Rule of Law Symposium: The Importance of the Rule of Law in Promoting Development

The Rule of Law in Burma/Myanmar

Transitional Justice in Nepal