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How can young people make sure their voice is heard? (collaboration with EachOther)

In partnership with EachOther, we've made a brand new series of videos that explores the importance of public legal education for young people, particularly as it relates to the Rule of Law.

A 2018 report of the UK House of Lords said that young people learning about their rights is "in a parlous state." Many believe that public legal education in schools is lacking, and leaves many young people unaware of the extent of their rights. If more young people can be equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to be active citizens, they can feel more empowered to do so. We, along with The Bingham Centre, hope these videos can be a stepping off point for many young people to further their public legal education and learn more about their rights.

In the penultimate video of the series, we ask 'how can young people make sure their voices are heard?'

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