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Update 27 January 2023

Image: Wendy Williams CBE, HM Inspector of Constabulary and HM Inspector of Fire & Rescue Services, Image © HMICFRS, reproduced under Open Government Licence 

Dear Friends,

The Rule of Law depends both on the quality of the laws we have, and how they are enforced. Enforcement needs safeguards when people's rights are at risk, for example in the area of immigration and nationality law.

This week, Wendy Williams, author of the Windrush: Lessons Learned review expressed disappointment about the UK Government's decision not to establish "crucial external scrutiny measures", including a migration commissioner. Ms Williams had recommended these measures following her inquiry into Home Office enforcement practices through which hundreds of British people of Caribbean heritage were wrongly denied their legal rights as UK nationals, with consequences including destitution and deportation that devastated many lives.

Turning to the quality of laws, how can it be improved? That is subject of our lead item in this Update, which also brings news on other topics:

  • The Form of Legislation and the Rule of Law
  • A new Bill affecting the judiciary in Poland
  • News from the Modern Slavery and Human Rights Policy and Evidence Centre
  • Upcoming BIICL training courses available for booking

You can read the whole update here

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