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June 2023 Update

Image: UCL Constitution Unit Conference 2023: Courts and the Rule of Law

Dear Friends,

The Bingham Centre's strategic aims include democratising the Rule of Law by fostering discussion of its requirements in the law-making process, and supporting Rule of Law leadership in public institutions. This week, we had the privilege of co-hosting a panel on Courts and the Rule of Law at the UCL Constitution Unit conference, which included UK parliamentarians from both Government and Opposition benches.

Our Director, Murray Hunt, chaired a constructive discussion of how the UK could address its current Rule of Law challenges, including strained relations between the Parliament, the Executive and the judicial branch of government. A surprising amount of common ground emerged among the speakers - Laura Farris (Conservative MP and barrister), Fiona Rutherford (Chief Executive of JUSTICE) and Emily Thornberry (Labour MP and barrister, currently serving as Shadow Attorney General) - on topics such as the importance of international law and the need to affirm the role of the Law Officers who serve in cabinet.

You can read the whole update here.

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