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March 2024 Update

Dear Friends,

What does the "rules-based international order", an increasingly used phrase, really mean? Could it include the proposals in the Safety of Rwanda Bill that would see the UK transfer asylum seekers to a country with which they have no connection, without determining their asylum claims? In a debate in the House of Lords earlier this year, the UK Foreign Secretary, David Cameron, now Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton, argued that while this was "out-of-the-box thinking" it would be both lawful and consistent with a rules-based international order, including the UN Convention on Refugees. Lord Cameron insisted that the "things like the refugee convention were written for another age", and that the Government's proposals, although "novel" complied with international law, properly understood.

Bingham Centre researchers are working on these issues from several angles. Our analysis of the Rwanda Bill itself has seen us publish a new report recommending amendments to the Bill, as described in this Update. Dr Julinda Beqiraj, a member of our team, has also worked with colleagues from other parts of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law on a conference and project examining modern understandings of the rules-based international order, its challenges and potential benefits.

Read about all this, and more, in our latest update:

  • Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill
  • APPG meeting on Universal Credit, digitalisation and the Rule of Law
  • Withdrawal from the EU - contribution to online Oxford Encyclopedia of EU Law
  • A Rules-Based International Order: Benefits and Challenges
  • Rule of Law conceptions: limited government, legal essentialism and a regulatory model 
  • Counter-terrorism, race and the expanding criminal law
  • Judiciaries in crisis: should serving judges face vetting?
  • Public and Youth Engagement in London School, and on social media 
  • Women in UK Public Law Group
  • Upcoming BIICL training courses available for booking

You can read the whole update here.

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