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Weekly Update

Expertise has made a dramatic and encouraging comeback this week, as the Government's Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Adviser have been front and centre in explaining the Government's response to the public health emergency caused by Covid-19. The centrality of scientific advice in the UK Government's response has been a positive feature of an otherwise bleak situation facing an apprehensive world.

The Government is proposing to introduce emergency legislation to deal with the threat to public health. The need for such legislation will have universal support in the face of such a serious threat, but the Bill will still require careful scrutiny to ensure that what it provides for is strictly necessary and proportionate to the emergency we face.

The Bingham Centre will continue working through the emergency to help with such Rule of Law scrutiny, but we recognise that public events may not be advisable in the coming weeks. Please check our website regularly for announcements about any changes to upcoming events.

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