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Weekly Update

As the world witnessed the extraordinary spectacle of the President of the United States seeking to undermine public confidence in the integrity of the US electoral system this week, we are reminded that the Rule of Law is a prerequisite of democracy.

Giving effect to the will of the people, expressed in free and fair elections, requires a clear legal framework and recourse to independent courts to ensure that any disputes that arise within that legal framework are resolved by trusted constitutional actors. The peaceful transition of power in democracies depends on this commitment to the Rule of Law.

With the week's events showing that this cannot necessarily be taken for granted even in the world's most established democracies, next week's webinar being held by the Global Network on Electoral Justice , on "Lessons learnt from a health emergency: the role of judicial authorities in transforming electoral justice after the pandemic", promises to be a very timely event.

Read our Weekly Update here, as we provide our own reports on the government's dialogue of the week on coronavirus regulations and the UK Internal Market Bill.

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