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Weekly Update

COVID-19 vaccine certifications have become a focal point in debates relating to the ongoing pandemic. In a Bingham Centre comment piece, The Ethics of Relying on Vaccine Certifications for International Travel during times of Vaccine Inequity, our Research Fellow in Public Health Emergencies and the Rule of Law, Dr Richard Mackenzie-Gray Scott, discusses his current research on this issue. He notes that travel from countries where there are high vaccine rates to countries where there are low vaccination rates risks endangering both people that have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and those that have not been vaccinated. Richard discusses the behavioural incentives and ethical problems that arise, and suggests some ideas for how countries can revive international travel whilst protecting against further spread of the virus.

Read about this and further items in our Weekly Update , which includes an upcoming event on 27th May on Managing Global Supply Chains in a post-Covid world: a current challenge or future opportunity? 

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