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Michelle Kamya


Michelle Kamya is the Impact Coordinator in Public and Youth Engagement at the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law. Michelle is a child rights and participation professional with experience working with non-profit organisations and educational institutions. 

Michelle joined the Centre in July 2021 and works on a Sybil Shine-funded project to empower the next generation with legal capability. Michelle obtained a Master of Science degree in Children, Youth and International Development from Birkbeck University in 2020 and also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Criminology.

Prior to joining the Bingham Centre, Michelle worked in Tanzania to teach career and employability skills to Zanzibarian vocational and college students. This placement helped to develop her appetite for working in the field of equality and inclusion and enhanced her understanding of good governance concerning children and young people.

Michelle is motivated by a passion to establish healthy and inclusive environments. She believes that such spaces enable the next generation to find their voices, engage in politics and realise their leadership potential.


Michelle Kamya

Impact Coordinator in Public and Youth Engagement

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