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The Rule of Law in Business and Finance

The rule of law provides business and commercial activity with security, stability, good governance, lack of corruption, consistency and accountability, all of which are essential to reduce the risks of investment and to promote economic activity.

Current Projects

Corporate Decision Making in Foreign Direct Investment

Past Projects

Measuring Policy on Access to Justice and Taxation in the United Kingdom (Nov 2014 - April 2015)

Proceedings of 2014 Singapore Rule of Law Symposium: The Importance of the Rule of Law in Promoting Development

The Inadvertent Criminal: The Rule of Law and the New Cartel Offence

The Rule of Law and Cross-Border Resolutions

The Bingham Centre's new Business Network was launched on 18 January, 2017. Chaired by Graham Vinter, formerly of BG Group, the network will support the think tank's global initiatives on rule of law whilst identifying and addressing specific challenges in the countries where they operate.