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The Rule of Law for Citizenship Education: International Law and Human Rights

Former Bingham Centre Research Fellow Xiao Hui Eng produced a textbook with Dr Lawrence Mcnamara and Michael Abiodun Olatokun. Michael launched the textbook at an event in 2017 and it has been used in 200 schools across the UK since that date.

The book received the SmartLaw Quality Mark for exceptional Citizenship Educaiton resources. Young Citizens assessors described the book as "a comprehensive resource addressing exciting but demanding topics head-on such as; international criminal law, examining and evaluating international organisations, human rights and humanitarian law, among other topics. The book is aimed at the KS4 Citizenship audience but can also be used in other subjects such as Geography where international institutions form part of the subject matter. It provides a structured way for students to think about law and justice as independent learners developing the key skills of evaluation and analysis"

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