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Brazil Must Fight Corruption But Preserve the Rule of Law

Posted 10th March 2016 | Category: General Blogs | By Mat Tromme

This blog investigates the tension between fighting corruption and respecting the rule of law, taking Brazil as an example.


The rule of law needs reaffirmation

Posted 26th May 2015 | Category: General Blogs | By Julinda Beqiraj & Lawrence McNamara

Over the next year the United Nations will discuss and adopt an agenda for global development for 2015 - 2030. It will set out the aims countries should strive to achieve in order to secure economic, social and environmental development.


Rule the World

Posted 27th May 2015 | Category: General Blogs | By Dr Julinda Beqiraj and Dr Lawrence McNamara

Is securing the rule of law a goal worthy of pursuit by the international community? If so, how?

The United Nations will give its answer to these questions in September when the General Assembly agrees on what goals will drive international aid and development for the next 15 years. But what those answers will be, we do not yet know.


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