Doing Business in a Post-Brexit Europe: What of the Single Market?

Brussels, Belgium | 3rd May 2017

One of the most pressing questions in the wake of the UK referendum result is the fate of the Single Market. Apart from the impact of Brexit on the UK, the EU Member States and businesses based in the EU will be affected by this split.

At base, it is important to consider what alternative arrangements might be put in place which would involve minimum disruptions to business relations.

This raises a number of questions, which this event will aim to address, namely:

  • Can goods, services and capital be freely exchanged in a deeply integrated market without free movement of workers?
  • Is it possible to implement temporary mobility solutions until withdrawal negotiations are completed?
  • If it is not possible to maintain the status quo, is it possible to have economic integration comparable to the Single Market with limited labour mobility?
  • Can the Single Market continue to function without the UK and vice-versa?
  • Is it really important to maintain the Single Market as is? What are the possible alternatives/variations?
  • Implications for free movement of workers, or more generally, of non-labour mobile EU migrants?
  • Is there an appetite for a free trade agreement between the UK and EU that would preserve tariff-free import and export of goods and services?

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