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Samples of resources for teaching the rule of law for Citizenship

On this page you can view some samples of the student resources produced by the Bingham Centre for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

Student worksheet samples

Crimes, civil wrongs and equality

Exercise of power -'Stop and Search'

Fair trial -'The Maverick Judge'

International law and the use of armed force

Expert video samples

In this video, BIICL Director Professor Robert McCorquodale introduces international law including international human rights law. He discusses the aims and scope of international law and explores some of the challenges faced in trying to ensure that states respect their legal obligations.

In this video, David Anderson QC explores the potential conflict between government aims and individual rights and liberties in the area of counter-terrorism measures. Students are asked to think about issues such as surveillance, detention without charge and 'stop-and-search' powers and to consider where the balance should lie in trying to maintain national security while ensuring that individual rights are not disproportionately infringed.

Lord Pannick QC explains the concept of equality and how it relates to the rule of law

Lord Justice Kay discusses the role of judges

What are human rights? Baroness Kennedy QC discusses human rights and the rule of law

Audio slideshow samples

Caught up in a protest!

In this slideshow, students are asked to think about the situation of being inadvertently caught up in a protest and being arrested, and to consider what they would need in order for justice to be done.

Anglonia and the rights of the child

In this slideshow, students follow the plight of Maria in a fictional country called Anglonia, and consider which of her human rights have been violated under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.