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Weekly Update

The past 17 months have seen an unprecedented series of data-driven responses to the pandemic in the UK. People have been asked to trust and comply with intrusive measures including contact-tracing apps, risk-scoring algorithms for shielding and vaccination, and soon perhaps also "vaccine passports". What do members of the public think about these measures, and what conditions and safeguards do they see as necessary to justify their use? These questions were considered in two "citizen jury"…


Weekly Update

At last week's excellent Constitution Unit conference on Boris Johnson's constitutional reform agenda, the Lord Chancellor  had a lot to say about the Rule of Law: "as the minister leading the Ministry of Justice, I believe it is incumbent upon me to ensure that the rule of law itself cannot be misused to in effect weaponise the courts against political decision making. It is worthwhile, therefore, to examine precisely what is meant by that term 'the rule of law'.In the modern context…

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