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Understanding Justice


Teachers that sign up to deliver KS3 education programme receive 'The Rule of Law for Citizenship Education: Understanding Justice' a textbook containing six lessons, student worksheets, explanatory teaching notes, learning objectives (with outcomes), activities to develop specific transferable skills and videos. These can be delivered over a time period of the school's choice.

Each lesson introduces a different right, responsibility or element of democracy and justice through a rule of law lens, designed to enhance student understanding of the law and justice content of the KS3 citizenship curriculum. These include:

  • Thinking about law and justice
  • Equality before the law
  • Clarity, certainty and the exercise of power
  • Access to justice and fair trial
  • Human rights
  • The international legal order

What are human rights?

In this video, we ask members of the public what human rights mean to them. Barrister Baronness Kennedy QC then provides more context for classroom discussions.

Pilot results

We ran a pilot programme to assess the delivery of 'Understanding Justice' lessons between September 2014 and July 2015. The book was independently evaluated by the research group York Consulting and teachers were incredibly enthusiastic about the resources:

'The course content and staff manual is excellent. Everything is explained clearly and in detail.'

'The case studies and activities that forced the students to challenge their opinions worked well.'

Research conducted with the students that participated in the programme revealed the following improvements in their abilities:

  • Understanding the justice system (97%)
  • Seeing the relevance of legal matters to daily life (85%)
  • Empathising with those of an opposed view (73%)
  • Articulating their own perspective (67%)

Following this pilot, the book received accredited quality marks from the Association for Citizenship Teaching and the Citizenship Foundation for the quality of its educational approach.

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