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Archive: APPG News and Publications 2015-2021

News: Andrew Hodge to leave role as Co-ordinator as the APPG on the Rule of Law

Andrew Hodge is leaving his role as Co-ordinator of the APPG on the Rule of Law. Andrew joined the Bingham Centre in December 2020 and was responsible for arranging the re-inauguration of the APPG and several briefing meetings on rule of law legislative and policy matters. 

Andrew is leaving the Bingham Centre to train as a lawyer with HMRC through the Government Legal Profession training scheme. 

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2021 Minutes of the meeting of the APPG on the Rule of Law - Environment Bill Briefing

2021 minutes of the meeting of the APPG on the Rule of Law - Policing, protest and the Rule of Law - 20 May 2021   

2021 Minute of the Meeting of the APPG on the Rule of Law - Scrutiny of the UK-EU Future Relationship - 18 March 2021 

2021 Minute of the Inaugural Meeting of the APPG on the Rule of Law - Fixing the Overseas Operations Bill - 8 February 2021  

Briefing from the 6 June 2019 meeting on Can Parliament stop a no deal Brexit?

Briefing for the 13 May 2019 closed roundtable meeting on Data Processing and the Rule of Law

Report of the APPG Meeting 01/04/19

APPG Bulletin - 20 March 2018

APPG Bulletin - 15 January 2018

APPG Bulletin - 13 November 2017

APPG Bulletin - 6 September 2017

APPG Bulletin - 20 July 2017

Report from 4 July 2017 Meeting on Rule of Law Questions for the Repeal Bill

APPG Bulletin - 23 June 2017

Report from 14 March 2017 Meeting on EU Law, the Investigatory Powers Act, and UK-EU Cross-Border Crime and Security Cooperation

APPG Bulletin - 25 April 2017

APPG Bulletin - 24 March 2017

APPG Bulletin - 20 February 2017

APPG Bulletin - 25 January 2017

Report from the 30 November 2016 Meeting on Reasoned Discussion of the High Court's Decision in Miller and What Might Happen Next

APPG Bulletin - 22 November 2016

Report from the 24 October 2016 Meeting on How Can Brexit Be Done under the Rule of Law?

APPG Bulletin - 18 October 2016

APPG Bulletin - 14 September 2016

Report from 5 July 2016 Meeting on HRA ECHR and the Devolved Nations

APPG Bulletin - 19 July 2016

APPG Bulletin - 9 June 2016

APPG Bulletin - 11 May 2016

APPG Bulletin - 15 April 2016

Report from the 2 February 2016 Meeting on The Death of the Human Rights Act, the Birth of a New Constitutional Settlement?

The Rule of Law in Parliament: A Review of Sessions 2013-14 and 2014-15

February 2016 A Research Report by the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Rule of Law. View the full report or the executive summary.

Notes from the 8 December 2015 meeting on Investigatory Powers: Legal privilege and the 'double lock'

Report from the 9 November 2015 meeting on The Ministerial Code and International Rule of Law

Report from the 20 October 2015 meeting on Immigration Bill 2015 and the Rule of Law

Report from the 14 July Meeting on Non-Violent Extremism and the Rule of Law

Media Release: MPs and Peers establish new All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Rule of Law 19 June 2015


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