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Launch of an exciting new course, 'Citizenship and the Rule of Law'

Launch of an exciting new course, 'Citizenship and the Rule of Law'

BIICL and the Bingham Centre are proud to announce the launch of an exciting course called 'Citizenship and the Rule of Law'. This six-week course communicates our expertise in human rights, Rule of Law and international law through video lectures, articles, assessments and discussion forums. The initiative is aimed at lawyers, campaigners and students interested in learning more about the practical requirements of the Rule of Law and its application to everyday situations. 2020 is a turbulent time for the Rule of Law; the institutions of justice face considerable and sustained attacks by public and private actors across the world, and this programme will help us to democratise the Rule of Law across the world. The course comprises the following elements:

  • An introduction to the Rule of Law
  • Judicial independence
  • Equality
  • Access to justice
  • International law and remedies
  • Business, human rights and the Rule of Law

If you are interested in taking part, you can can sign up for the course through this link: 

The course was launched on the premises of Travers Smith LLP at an event in January 2020. A recording of the event is available on the Bingham Centre Citizenship website.

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