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Investigatory Powers

In the UK police and security services have extensive investigatory powers. There has been much controversy about the scope and limits of the powers, the exercise of the powers, and the accountability of the agencies involved.

The Bingham Centre has contributed to parliamentary and publid debate on these matters, especially with regard to the review and reform of the laws.

Strands of our work include:

The Review of Powers Exercised under the Investigatory Powers Act (2019)

    Under the Act, the Investigatory Powers Commissioner must report on the way that powers have been exercised. The Centre has reviewed the IPC reports, beginning with the first report in January 2019. Read more.

The Investigatory Powers Bill (2016)

    Following the 2015 review, an Act was laid before Parliament.  We again made detailed submissions. Among our recommendations adopted and included in the Act were those relating to the appointment of judicial commissioners with a view to ensuring their independence. Read more.

Security and Intelligence Reviews in New Zealand (2015)

The Investigatory Powers Review (2015)

    We made a lengthy submission to this review the Independent Reviewer of terrorism Legislation (then David Anderson QC). Several of our recommendations were adopted in his report, A Question of Trust. Read more.
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