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The Solicitor General's Public Legal Education Committee

The Bingham Centre is a member of the Solicitor General's Public Legal Education (PLE) Committee. The Committee was convened in 2017 by Robert Buckland QC MP to drive forward  initiatives that increase the knowledge, skills and confidence of the public to deal with legal issues in their lives.

Since its formation, the group has established a vision for PLE work in the UK. The group is currently working towards the following seven goals:

  1. PLE will be supported by a robust evidence base, showing what the need is and what works best.
  2. PLE will be of high quality, maintained to ensure that it remains accurate and accessible and useful for the people who need it.
  3. PLE will be universal and reach across all demographics, prioritising children, young adults and vulnerable groups
  4. PLE will be scaled up through delivery by the legal community
  5. PLE will harness technology and be delivered through innovative methods, both on and offline
  6. PLE will be embeded into public services and government departments
  7. PLE will be understood as beneficial and utlised by other sectors.
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