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Rule of Law Implications of the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill Briefing Note

Following a succession of mainland terrorist attacks in 2017 that took thelives of 36 British citizens, the government committed to a review of its 'CONTEST' counter-terrorism policy.

In July 2018 the Centre convened leading experts, including the then Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, to discuss the role that The Counter Terrorism and Border Security Bill would play in the CONTEST process. Elements of the discussion (summarised in the Briefing Note) revolved around:

  • Whether the criminal offences that the Bill sought to create would be sufficiently understood by the public,
  • Whether additional safeguards were required to protect over-policed communities from being disproportionately affected by the new offences,
  • How prosecutorial agencies would exercise the discretion to pursue suspected breaches of the Bill,
  • Whether the effect of the Bill overall would interfere with, or violate, fundamental human rights.

The panel comprised:

  • Dr Lindsey Bell (Lecturer at the University of Bristol)
  • Max Hill (The Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation)
  • Corey Stoughton (Advocacy Director, Liberty)
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