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Weekly Update 5 November 2021

Weekly Update 5 November 2021

Dear Friends,

The Rule of Law was once again front and centre in UK news this week, as the Government appeared to seek to avoid the application of the rules for upholding parliamentary standards to one of the governing party's former ministers. One of the central and most easily understood ideas inherent in the Rule of Law is that laws and rules apply to everyone, including the Government. Governments which seek to avoid the rules applying to them demonstrate a questionable commitment to the Rule of Law. As Lord Evans, Chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, pointed out at the Institute For Government's conference on ethical standards in government, such double standards are "deeply at odds with the best traditions of British democracy".

This week's Update brings you news from a number of our programmes, as well as a reminder about an upcoming webinar on whether End to End Encryption can and should be regulated, featuring a panel of senior speakers moderated by BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera.

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