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Citizenship Revocation

Revoking a person's citizenship on national security grounds is among the most controversial of powers that governments exercise.

On 10 May 2019 the Bingham Centre hosted an expert roundtable that considered these powers. It was held to assist the work of the Australian Independent National Security Legislation Monitor, Dr James Renwick SC, who was conducting a review of citizenship revocation provisions in that country.

Experts from academia, the legal profession and civil society looked at how the UK laws and experience might inform the Australian review, considering matters such as the necessity, effectiveness and the proportionality of the laws, international obligations, procedural fairness, safeguards and scrutiny.

Dr Renwick will report in August 2019.

Publications and submissions

Briefing Paper for INSLM Citizenship Revocation Roundtable (10 May 2019) 

Summary Report of INSLM Citizenship Revocation Roundtable (21 June 2019) 

People and organisations

The roundtable was convened by Dr Lawrence McNamara (Bingham Centre & York Law School) and Dr Jessie Blackbourn  (Oxford).

It was jointly hosted by the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, York Law School  (University of York) and the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies  (University of Oxford).

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