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Rule of Law, Legitimacy and Effective COVID-19 Control Technologies

This one year project beginning on 1st of September 2020 aims to produce a systematic overview of challenges posed by specific mobile applications that can be continuously updated and accessible to policy makers, together with a methodology to assess publicly contentious control technologies against international Rule of Law standardisation, and human rights obligations, for operational compliance.

The research cooperation between the Munich Center for Technology in Society  (TUM) , the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Data Governance  (CAIDG) at the Singapore Management University and the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) will build upon the extensive experiences of the three institutions advising on regulation and governance with distinctly legal dimensions, now in settings of global crises.

BIICL provides informed, independent and practical legal ideas for a global community. Its high quality and respected work involves analysis and debate about contemporary issues on every continent, from its base in the heart of London's energetic and multicultural legal network. 


Event, 28 October 2020 "The Rule of Law in the Technological Age"  - Download the video here 

Blogpost by Alicia Wee and Mark Findlay:  Examining Community Disquiet In The Age Of COVID-19 11/2020 

Working paper by Julinda Beqiraj, Rowan Stennett, and Nyasha Weinberg:  The Rule of Law and COVID-19-related technologies 05/2021

Paper by Alicia Wee and Mark Findlay: AI and Data Use: Surveillance Technology and Community Disquiet in the Age of COVID-19 10/2020

Presentation by Jane Loo: Summary of research  on State Authority, Power, Legitimacy, and Citizens Trust during COVID-19  01/2022

Paper by  Jane Loo and Mark Findlay Rule of Law, Legitimacy, and Effective COVID-19 Control Technologies: Arbitrary Powers and Its Influence on Citizens' Compliance  06/2022

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