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Dr Ronan Cormacain


Dr Cormacain is a Senior Research Fellow at the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, British Institute of International and Comparative Law. He is leading the Rule of Law Monitoring of Legislation Project. This aim of this project is a systematic analysis of all Government Bills to assess whether they comply with Rule of Law principles.

Dr Cormacain was called to the Bar of Northern Ireland, has an LLM in Human Rights from Queens University Belfast, and an LLM from the University of London in Advanced Legislative Studies. His PhD research was on the interaction of legislative drafting principles and the Rule of Law. He has lectured on legislation, and public law at the University of London, and City, University of London. He is an editor at the journal Theory and Practice of Legislation and has widely published on the subject of legislation and the Rule of Law.

Dr Cormacain has been a practicing consultant legislative counsel for 18 years. He drafts legislation on behalf of clients all over the world. Primarily this work is within commonwealth jurisdictions, and includes work for the Northern Ireland Assembly, Northern Ireland Law Commission, Welsh Assembly Government, the Westminster Parliament and official bodies in British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies.


Dr Ronan Cormacain

Senior Research Fellow and lead of The Rule of Law Monitoring of Legislation Project

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