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I'm delighted that you have visited our appeal page - it means that, like me and my colleagues at the Bingham Centre, you care deeply about the Rule of Law and want to do something to stand up for it in the face of current challenges.

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Murray Hunt,

Director, Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law

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Get on Board for Bingham

So we can plan for the rest of the year, this appeal will close on 31 July. We really need your support and hope you will give to this important campaign

Building Back Better after Covid

The pandemic has placed the Rule of Law under severe strain throughout the world. Emergency laws have given Governments everywhere unprecedented powers to take away the most basic rights and liberties.

We are working to ensure the key Rule of Law lessons are learned for future public health emergencies.

By giving to this one-off appeal, you'll be helping us ensure that the Rule of Law is built back stronger after Covid.

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Restoring Trust in Democracy

Populism has undermined public trust in our political and legal institutions in many democracies.

We are proactively engaging elected politicians and the public in discussions about the meaning and importance of the Rule of Law as a fundamental constitutional value that is essential to democracy.

By donating you will enable us to do more to restore the Rule of Law as a shared value underpinning trust in the institutions of constitutional democracy.

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Teaching Tomorrow's Citizens

The Rule of Law's long term survival in the face of current challenges depends on the next generation caring enough to stand up for it.

That is why we have produced accessible resources to teach school children about the Rule of Law and its importance to democracy. We are now using digital technology to reach ever wider audiences of young people.

By contributing you will be helping us to teach more young people about the Rule of Law, securing its benefits for future generations.

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Ending Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery, the greatest human rights issue of our time according to former PM Theresa May, is the result of failed or weak Rule of Law. Inadequate or non-existent legal frameworks and poor legal systems fail to protect the vulnerable from severe exploitation.

Our Modern Slavery and Human Rights Policy and Evidence Centre is designed to transform the effectiveness of laws and policies designed to overcome this global challenge.

By supporting this one-off appeal, you'll be helping us to accelerate the eradication of modern slavery.

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