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Justine Stefanelli

Biography Dr Justine Stefanelli joined the Institute in August 2006, and is the Maurice Wohl Senior Research Fellow in European Law. As such, her primary role is to conduct research and organise events on rule of law issues as they pertain to the Council of Europe and the European Union, and she co-convenes the Bingham Centre's Expert Working Group on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill and the Rule of Law. Justine's research is primarily in European immigration and asylum law, but she has conducted…


Michael Olatokun

Biography Michael is a researcher and project manager focused on exploring the connection between rights, citizenship and education. He leads the Centre's strategic area of focus on Citizenship and the Rule of Law and is the Head of Public and Youth Engagement. He is the Coordinator of 'The Rule of Law for Citizenship Education', a nationwide programme in which young people are taught about the rule of law and human rights. As a result of the success of this work, Michael was asked to join…


Awakening the Sleeping Giant

As Americans head off to Independence Day celebrations, it is hard to ignore that the United States, like much of the world, is experiencing significant upheaval when it comes to the Rule of Law, and the norms, principles, and values that underlie it Published in The Hill  on 4 July 2018 All is not well in the Union, such that developments that a couple years ago would have been unthinkable now appear on the front pages of American newspapers almost daily. Despite this fact, and the challenges…


DLA Piper Global Fellows Development Programme

Over the last two years The Bingham Centre has partnered with DLA Piper to deliver training to graduate lawyers from across the world. These lawyers have been supported by DLA Piper as part of its Global Scholarships Programme. This initiative supports outstanding law students, known as Fellows, from less developed countries around the world and helps them define and achieve their own professional goals. There are currently 22 Fellows on the Global Scholarships Programme from countries…


Human rights education

Michael Olatokun, Research Fellow in Citizenship Education and the Rule of Law, and Sabina Garahan, Researcher, wrote a blog about the importance of human rights education for the British Institute of Human Right's "March for Human Rights" Campaign. On 28 March 2018, a group of academics, campaigners and civil society leaders will gather at the Bingham Centre to discuss how we can best use human rights education ("HRE") to empower young people across the country to become active citizens in…


Joint response to a consultation of the Care of Children in Jersey Review Panel regarding the powers of the Jersey Children's Commissioner

Joint response to a consultation of the Care of Children in Jersey Review Panel regarding the powers of the Jersey Children's Commissioner The State of Jersey has recently created a Children's Commissioner post in response to the recommendations of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry. Its legislature, the States Greffe, is in the process of legislating to set out the Commissioner's powers. Bingham Centre researcher Michael Abiodun Olatokun responded to a consultation regarding the draft…


Bingham Centre Submission to the Ad Hoc Select Committee on Citizenship and Civic Engagement

Schools in England have been required to teach Citizenship Education since 2002. The provision of this subject has been marked by a period of decay over the last two decades. Michael Abiodun Olatokun wrote the Centre's submission on this issue to the Ad Hoc Select Committee on Citizenship and Civic Engagement. Publication - Download PDF Share Links Publication - Tags


The Rule of Law Must Be At The Centre of Brexit

Friday morning's reaction to the Article 50 judgment has made me deeply reflective about the state of our politics. The Brexit era has been characterised by political announcements redolent of the deepest farce from 'The Thick Of It'. The EU Referendum has changed everything about British public life, and it is difficult to get a stable sense of what is actually going on as we lurch from one episodic crisis to the next. Abiodun Michael Olatokun Activist, third sector leader and change maker…


The Rule of Law for Citizenship Education: Understanding Justice

In 2014, the Centre launched an innovative education programme that has led the way in ensuring people from all walks of life have an understanding of justice. We began engaging young people in a project that saw students address challenging subjects such as equality, human rights and access to justice in an engaging manner, drawing on relevant and topical case studies where appropriate. The project developed user-friendly print and audio-visual resources that were given to teachers across…


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