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The Rule of Law Monitoring of Legislation Project

The Rule of Law Monitoring of Legislation Project systematically monitors all UK Government Bills to identify any which may have significant implications for the Rule of Law. We carry out a detailed Rule of Law analysis of any provisions with significant Rule of Law implications, scrutinising those provisions against Lord Bingham's eight Rule of Law Principles and against internationally recognised Rule of Law standards such as those in the Venice Commission's Rule of Law Checklist.

We make our Rule of Law analysis available to both Houses of Parliament to assist them with their Rule of Law scrutiny of legislation. Where legislation can be improved from a Rule of Law perspective, we make constructive recommendations of amendments. The project occasionally also reports on secondary legislation which has significant Rule of Law implications.

Dr Ronan Cormacain  is leading the project, and Katie Lines  is a reasearch fellow in the Rule of Law monitoring of coronavirus legislation.

The Rule of Law Monitoring of Legislation Project has been generously supported by the David and Elaine Potter Foundation, the AB Charitable Trust, the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust.

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